Polytechnic Colleges

The role of Polytechnic colleges in the growth of Technical Education in our country is immense. We experience its power at all levels of our daily lives. Thousands of students are studying in such colleges in our state in about 21
programmes. All programmes, in one way or another, are accelerating the progress of our Science and Technology sector. The contribution of the Electrical and Electronics Programme in such areas is very positive.

Admission to Polytechnic colleges in our state is based on Class 10 as a basic qualification. As in other fields of education, special seats are available according to the economic and social conditions, as well as for qualifications such as THS, ITI and VHSE. Out of the 91 Polytechnic Colleges in Kerala, today classes are conducted in 40 colleges in the Electrical and Electronics Programme. About 2500 students get admission in EEE a year. This is a three year (6 semesters) programme. Admission to these evening classes is also available at very few colleges. Admission is also available for the second year in the Lateral Entry category.

Mathematics, Science, English, Computer, Engineering Drawing, Health and Physical Education, Life Skill Classes and Basic Workshops are taught in the first year as two semesters. However, 2nd and 3rd years include classes and labs in Electrical, Electronics and some Mechanical subjects as well as project workshops, seminars and industrial training programs. In addition, the curriculum includes NCC, NSS, Career Guidance, Arts, Sports, Additional Skill Acquisition Program, Finishing School Program, Innovation Program, Placement and Training, Mentoring Program, Personality Development Classes, and Entrepreneurship Development Classes. Facilities like PTA and IT based classrooms, model exams, library, green protocol, canteen, hostel, various clubs or cells have been introduced
in almost all colleges as part of AICTE, NBA and SBTE accreditations.

The students of high standard in this EEE Programme are getting employment in various companies inside and outside Kerala and abroad through campus recruitment as Supervisors, who are eligible for Electrical Licenses and will be able to become self-employed and entrepreneurs. In addition, they now have the opportunity to enter the second year of B tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering through Lateral Entry for higher studies.